Music Mania

So my wife and her friends have been going out to Bo’s Bar and Grill for quite some time now on Thursday nights for Music Mania with Klay the DJ. I always hear what a great time it is and how much fun they have so last night the husband went along to check it out.
I want my $50 and the three hours of my time back.
We had 10 of us in the group and the company was fun, but Klay really dragged out the night and the service we were getting from the waitress was non existent.
Years ago my friend Dave and I used to hang out in the BP Lounge on the south hill and we referred to our waitress as “skinny bitch” because she was the worst waitress in the world and we could care less what her name was. The girl we had last night was about on par with skinny bitch.
Who sits in a bar for over half an hour and no one comes to see if you need a drink? Come on! A table of 10! The bar was pretty empty so I don’t know who she was blowing to pass the time, but she was pretty scarce.
My tab for the drinks and food (which was really good) was almost $47 and the only reason I didn’t have her give me my change was I didn’t want to wait another 20 minutes for her to figure it out.
Needless to say I won’t be attending Music Mania again any time soon.


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