A snowy day in the mountains

Up at 4 a.m. and on the road at 5. What was I thinking? I don’t get up at such an early hour anymore. Westward ho! Off to the mountains to hopefully take some photographs.
I haven’t used my camera for much since my last road trip in Sept/Oct. last year.

It’s snowing like crazy as Gary (former co-worker) and I head out. I leave my newly charged cell phone in my truck – which I remember as we hit the highway. Gary has a phone and I’m sure Lynda won’t text or call me more than a half dozen time. (Was only 2 texts and 1 call.)
I’m glad Gary is driving because the snow is quite hypnotic – I am getting sleepy.

Stopped for fuel and coffee in Nordegg. Ah, that’s better. Wow, has Nordegg changed since I was there last. There is a big sub-division of really nice houses to the north. We checked out the hostel while we are there. Looks really nice.

Off to check out Crescent Falls. Still snowing like crazy – big fluffy flakes falling quite fast as we walk down the hill to check out the falls. Light is pretty flat and it’s still a little dark to get anything nice but it looks like it might clear up soon. Not waiting for that though. We can come back if we have too.

Clouds seem to be getting thinner as we head west and lo and behold , is that the sun poking through? Yes, yes it is. Not bad, but there’s really no place to stop along the un-plowed highway along Abraham Lake. Besides, the clouds are still swirling and the view changes very fast.
“Which way”? Gary asks as we get to Saskatchewan Crossing.
“Clouds look thinner to the south.” I reply and left we go.
Highway 93 is still un-plowed and it’s pretty deep to be driving a minivan in. More and more blue sky showing up as we go so it’s looking pretty promising.

Highway 1 is pretty wet when we get to it. You can sure tell it’s been salted.

We pull into Lake Louise to get something to eat but the restaurant is closed. We go into the cafe next door and ask the stunning blue eyed Australian girl where a good place to eat is.
She pointed us to the hostel, but I would have been happy listening to that accent all day.
Gary was wanting a burger, but as it wasn’t yet 11 o’clock we could only get breakfast. It was so good. I’ll have to go back to try something else.

The sun is now shining pretty strongly so off to Yoho National Park we go to see the Natural Bridge. I’ve never been there so it sounds like a good idea to me.

So it seems there is a lot of snow here as the snow on the bridge is quite packed down and it’s almost 2 feet thick. Don’t step off the path.

The water isn’t high enough to be flowing under the natural bridge, but the river is open in a few spots and we like the look of it so it’s time to snap a few shots.

The sun feels so nice and it’s fairly quiet.

We head up the road to check out Emerald Lake. Weather is good, but nothing inspiring to shoot so back towards Lake Louise it is.

We get fuel in Lake Louise and head east on highway 1A. I like that drive and we see a total of about 10 vehicles by the time we get to Johnson’s Canyon.
I’ve never been there in the winter and it is no where near busy as in the summer. Again, the path is packed down and it’s pretty slippery but not unmanageable.

We take a few shots along the way up to the lower falls. Water shows in a few spots and the rocks look really nice, but the contrast is very high so photos are challenging. There is some really nice ice along the side of the canyon, but I only brought a pretty wide angle lens with me so no detail shots of that. I guess I’ll just have to go back.

The sun is shining on part of the pool at the falls when we get there and the colour is stunning, but the contrast is brutal. Gary has his tripod and fancy schmancy filters so he can handle it a lot better then my hand holding and single polarizer. Hmm, another excuse to go back.

We head into Canmore to get some supper and stop at The Wood Restaurant & Bar. More really good food. The clouds are starting to close in again as we leave so we forgo a stop at Big Hill Springs and head towards Calgary.
The new ring road works pretty good to bypass Calgary and we are soon headed north on our way home.

The sky is quite grey and it’s starting to get dark, but as we crest Antler Hill there is a nice warm glow to the sky over Red Deer.
Almost there and it’s still snowing in town.

I get my truck and head home. 8 p.m. when I roll into the driveway. What a long day, but a pretty good one at that.


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