On the road to Quebec

When my friend Dave agreed to come with me on my Quebec road trip people asked us if we planned to stop along the way and take pictures or blast straight through?
We did stop in Rouleau, Saskatchewan; at the old set of Corner Gas for a couple of pictures, on our way to the US border.
We got through the border in about 5 minutes so it proves my theory that my wife is the problem in crossing the border as we never got hassled at all.

And around 9 hours later Dave was taking photos of the Erskine, ND sign – and that was a couple of hours before we got to bed – sleeping in the truck as there wasn’t a hotel/motel room to be had in either North Dakota or Minnesota for a couple of happy-go-lucky travellers. Apparently the beer festival in Minot is a really, really big deal in this part of the world.
We left Red Deer at 6am on Sept. 28th and we didn’t stop to sleep till 4am on the 29th – 22 hours later. Granted, it was local time so that takes off an hour  for the time change and another hour when we stopped for supper in Rugby North Dakota. There isn’t much to see in ND when it’s dark out as we had supper about 100 meters away from the “Geographical Center of North America” Monument and never saw it. We lost about an hour stopping to check with hotels/motels and another hour or so when we’d stop for fuel so really it was about 18 hours of driving for 1800 kilometers. So it looks like we are blasting straight through.


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