Ontario via Minnesota

The sign on the rest stop at Cass Lake, Minnesota reads “no camping” but I figured sleeping in a vehicle isn’t camping and by the half-dozen trucks stopped there I’d say they agreed.

Wow, 7:30am comes early when you go to bed at 4! Oh well, gotta hit the road anyway. Checking the map we realized we’d driven half way across the state before we stopped. As we are heading to Duluth for breakfast we cross the Mississippi River – looks like a small creek here. I wonder if the western half had anything to see?

Duluth looks like a pretty neat city with lots of interesting old buildings. Too bad the weather isn’t conducive to walking around as it feels like a monsoon with lots of wind and rain. I guess I’ll just have to go back when it’s nicer out.

Still monsooning through Wisconsin so no photos.

More of the same lousy weather in Michigan. No, my mistake – it’s raining harder here. Some of the places here would be fabulous for photos, but when the waves on Lake Superior look like ocean surf it’s not a good idea. It’s pitch dark out and we are 40 miles from the Canadian border when the rain stops. Oh, and less than 2 minutes to clear the border coming back into Canada.

On to Sault Ste Marie for the night. Did you know that it’s really, really hard to find someplace to eat open later than 10pm on a weeknight in the Soo? It was a good Boston Pizza, but we were hoping to try a local place. Maybe for breakfast. Our waitress at PB’s phoned a couple of places for us to find us a room – thanks Shannon S – You ROCK!  The Villa Inn Motel wasn’t the fanciest place I’ve ever stayed at, but it was way more comfortable than sleeping in the truck. Only put 900km on today, seems pretty slack after yesterday, oh well.


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