Saying Goodbye

Had the funeral today for my wife’s grandmother, or Grammy as she was known to her grandchildren. She was Great Grammy to my son and his cousins.
At some point in their lives she looked after all her grandchildren,  great-grandchildren and even her great-great grandson. They don’t make them like her anymore.

She was 96 years old and I swear she was the toughest frail looking lady I’ve ever met. She lived in her own home till she was 95 and did most of her own yard work and maintainance until she was 92.

I’ve known her for about 20 years and have never met someone so kind and caring. She always made you feel welcome in her home and she always liked a good conversation. She would ask questions and recall the details in conversations years later.

She was in her mid 80’s when we needed someone to watch Adam for us as we both needed to work. Grammy volunteered to do it with no hesitation. While we were all apprehensive, we decided to let her watch him. They spent many hours together and could often be found napping in the yard on her swing. He liked to help her around the house and she taught him many thing; 1 of which was how to play cribbage and he is very, very good at it.

I am so thankful for the time they had together as I never got to know my grandparents or great grandparents like Adam got to know Great Grammy.

As I mentioned earlier she did a lot of things for herself and didn’t like to ask for help with things. She would ask if she needed help, but she always worried about being a bother. Her attitude was “I can do that myself.” And she often would.
Even when she ended up in the hospital for the first time in her life she was concerned about being a bother for the rest of us.

I got to visit with her 3 days before she passed away and it broke my heart to see her so frail and in obvious distress. While saddened at her passing, I was happy that her suffering had ended.

It was an honour to know her and I am truly grateful for everything she did for my family and I.
Saying I’ll miss her seems so cliché, but it is true.

Bye Grammy.


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