The old man looking puppy at Buck Lake, August 2011.

According to my Vet’s records today would have been Gringo’s 14th birthday.

When I took him to the Vet last Saturday to be put down due to old age I already considered him to be 14. Maybe it was just so I’d feel better about having to do it. But I don’t. I’ve never had to do anything so hard in all my life and I hope I never have to.

I probably should have taken him in sooner as he wasn’t eating much the last couple of month. He would go in spurts of eating and I guess it gave me hope that it was normal for him to not eat much anymore. During the last week he ate like normal, except he wouldn’t eat dog food and we were giving him rice and carrots.

It was sad to see him go from puppy to old man in such a short period of time. I suspect moving to our new place sped that up some as once again we had stairs in the house. He was alway so full of energy and joy. Everyone who came to the house was there to see him in his mind. And if you played with him you really were a friend. He was still willing to play right up to the end. He chased a tennis ball around the yard just a week ago, albeit a lot slower than normal, but he chased it nevertheless.

He never showed any signs of being in any pain in that he never whimpered or whined at all. But by the way he would walk up and down the stairs I think he probably was. He never really complained about anything, except being outside when he wanted in. Then he’d make it sound like you’d left him out there for hours in sub freezing temperatures.

A lot of people say that their dog was the best dog. I don’t think we can really measure that. I think Gringo was the best dog I could have gotten at the SPCA and I am so glad I went there that fateful day in January of 1999.  It had to be fate because I don’t have any other answers to how such a beautiful dog could have been there for 2 months. Even though I never did walk him as much as I should have, I’m pretty sure I provided a good life for him. We sent him to a kennel in the spring of 1999 as we had to go out-of-town for a wedding and that was the last time he was ever in a cage. He’s only get chained up while we were camping and that’s only because he would just keep wandering off to explore the newly bigger yard.

So happy birthday Puppy. I’ll may only mourn you for a short time but I’ll never forget you.


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