Stopping to smell the flowers

I wake up at around 5 am when Lynda works a day shift and I almost never go back to sleep so on my day off in the middle of July I decided to go on a short road trip. Well, I planned to make it a short trip so I could get stuff done at home but I made it home just before her. I had thought I’d make a short trip out to the cemetery to visit dad but take the scenic route there.

Canola field just east of town

Canola field just east of town.

I got to this canola field about 8 am and this was the only angle I liked. I drove south looking for something interesting and found this guy.

He seemed pretty happy to ignore me for the most part and keep eating. I took photos of him from inside the truck. When I slowly got out and stood on the bumper I got one I was pretty happy with.

I was pretty happy with how my day was going so I moved on to my next stop. I went by the cemetery for a few minutes and decided I’d head out east to the farm I go shooting at.

I’ve been going to the Brock farm for more than 30 years to shoot gophers and for the past 2 years looking for flower photos as I haven’t heard or seen a gopher there or anywhere else.

I decided to walk through the field for a while and noticed a bunch of different wild flowers. I don’t know the names of a lot of the flowers I see and I don’t care to learn them. I appreciate the beauty of them and took a few shots of some I liked.


I spent over an hour at the farm before I moved off to the east checking out different grid roads. It always amazes me how much the landscape can change from mile to mile.

The Grebes I found only a couple miles from the farm but the Heron was a bit farther north. As I drove I realized I was getting close to the Ellis Bird Farm and it was almost time for them to open so I decided  to stop in. My “short” road trip was getting longer by the minute but I didn’t care.

There were a few birds around but not nearly as many as my first visit back in June. I wandered around the for a bit and since I didn’t see any hummingbirds or butterflies so I found some more flowers to shoot.


I enjoy all the colours, shapes and textures of flowers. I like them in different stages of their life too. I see the beauty in them when they are in full bloom and when the end is near. The latter means the seasons are changing but that too brings new things to photograph.


I visited Sandpiper Pond on my way to the West Woods. The Grebes was the closest bird to me and they were a ways away so I continued on towards the woods.



Time stood still for me while I was in the woods but I grudgingly started making my way home. I knew I should be home when Lynda got home from work and I needed to find something for supper. I beat her home by about 1/2 an hour.










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