Almost too pretty for words



I know this looks a bit like a red wart but it gets better, I promise. If you know what this is you either saw me with it or you are a psychic and won’t need to read any further.




Another red dot. Maybe it’s spreading.



A Leica you say.




Who says you can’t shoot shallow depth of field with a micro 4/3 camera? These were taken with my Panasonic GF2.



Et voila, the beautiful Leica T.

Our Leica rep, Doug French, left us his sample camera for a couple of weeks last month and I took it out for a spin on my lunch break one day. Over the years he’s left us a few toys to play with and I always try them out. This camera is stunningly beautiful in my humble opinion. The body is machined from a solid block of aluminum and hand polished when it is finished. A Leica with a touch screen is a bit unsettling but it is easy to use and pretty comfortable to hold. The touch focus was the only thing to give me any issue and once I learned that you touch it once to select the spot and touch it again to lock the spot in it wasn’t so bad. That works differently than any touch focus I’ve used before, but then again Leica is German.




My first shot with the T. I know I know, it’s epic. Lol. I was having lunch at Vietnamese Sub and I couldn’t wait to get outside and use it so I took this through the window.



Setting up for the Wednesday downtown market.


The market wasn’t open yet so I decided to wander over to the Ross Street Patio to see if there was more exciting stuff around. (There wasn’t).




It wasn’t all that exciting on the patio so I moved over to City Hall Park. With such a short zoom I was a bit limited on what I could do and by now I was running out of lunch hour so I grabbed a couple of shots, well 3,  and went back to work.



All in all I found using the little Leica T to be a pleasant enough experience that I will be taking it out again soon to try some different things with it.

Now I just have to convince Lynda to buy it for me for my birthday. I’m am certain the $4k price tag won’t be a problem. Ok, it looks like I won’t be getting a camera for my birthday this year.



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