Jasper 2014, day one

Booked my summer holidays months in advance but only planned to go somewhere about 2 weeks before my time off. We decided on camping in Jasper. The only problem was we no longer had a tent. I did some digging and found out that you can rent Yurts in the National Parks. Because I had left it so late all we could get was 1 night. I booked it and decided we could just stay in a hotel in Hinton for 2 nights so we could spend 3 days in Jasper.

Lynda really wanted to see the Jasper Skywalk so we made that our first stop of the trip. When we got to the Columbia Icefield Glacier Discover Centre the parking lot was pretty full. We walked up all the stairs and into the building and it was also pretty full, but we stood in a short line for tickets and were told to stay to the left on our way down the hall. As we walked past a very, very long lineup Lynda was worried we had hear wrong but we soon saw a doorway with “Skywalk” written above it. We walked on through and into an area with some empty busses sitting idle. As we walked through the maze to get to a bus the driver laughed and told us we were making him dizzy. He opened the bus as we got to it and we boarded a totally empty bus.


View of my ticket from near the back of the bus.

After about 20 more people got on the bus we were off for the 5 minute drive to the Skywalk. The huge line up was for the “Glacier Experience.” I don’t know how long the people in that line waited to get on the Glacier but I think we were done at the skywalk before they all got there.

We stayed a little over an hour at the skywalk enjoying the sunshine while looking at the mountains before we set of towards our campsite.

We did have to pass Athabasca Falls along the way however so it was time for stop number 2.

Dodged other tourists for about an hour and moved along towards our campsite. Still hadn’t seen much for wildlife.

Was cloudy and cool when we pulled into the Whistler Campground. We got supper made and soon after it started to spit rain so we retreated indoors. Was nice to be able so sit upright and have a table to play cards on. Even had an electric light overhead. All in all it was a very comfortable camping experience.



I did notice a power skunky smell after I beat my wife and son handily at Cribbage. Since I had planned to do some night photography it gave me a good excuse to get out into the fresh air.


Once I got outside I was too cold and tired to set up my tripod to try some cool night shots. I hand held my camera and it shows. I am a lot more fair weather photographer than I care to be, but I remember freezing my ass off in the film days shooting stuff like this. Since it was dark and cold it was time for bed.






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