Jasper 2014, day two

Friday morning dawned windy and cold, not that we noticed so much in the trees of the campground mind you. I have never slept so well camping as I did in that Yurt. Other than the usual middle of the night bathroom visit I slept through till 9:30 am. It was just so quiet and comfy that the rising sun didn’t wake us up. Check out is 11 am but we were hard pressed to get out by noon. It was fabulous. I’m pretty sure that is going to be how we camp from now on.


It’s so quiet with all the neighbours gone.

We drove through the town of Jasper and headed over to the Jasper Park Lodge. We drove into the lodge and then headed over to Lake Edith and Lake Annette. The trail to Lake Annette looked inviting so we tried it. It’s only a couple of hundred yards to the lake from the parking lot and we could feel the wind blowing, but when we got to the lake shore it felt like a cold, cold hurricane was blowing.


A windy day at Lake Annette

I’m pretty sure there were whitecaps on the lake, but since my eyes were watering from the wind I couldn’t really tell. The walk to the lake took longer than the time we spent there. Wasn’t much to see with all the cloud cover anyway so we decided to move on.

East to the Snaring River fire road we went. _DSC0331

Lynda and I took this drive and walked up to the lake years ago but she didn’t remember doing that. Once we got to the end of the road I realized that the road was different than the first time we went.

The parking area is different than I remembered and the trail slopes gently down for a couple of hundred yards before making a turn and dropping steeply down to a bridge.


After you cross the bridge it is quite a steep climb up the other side. Once you reach the top it’s a gentle climb as you walk, but it is a constant uphill. Being cloudy and cool out made for nice hiking conditions. Lynda carried here camera bag and never took a single photo. She forgot to bring water even though she always travels with some.

Lynda was getting pretty tired and felt that we saw a lake and that was good enough. I persuaded her to keep going. We walked a few hundred yards more and she gave up and sat down to rest while Adam and I went off to find Celestine Lake. I think we went all of a couple hundred feet and saw this.



Adam and I walked another couple hundred feet and found the lake. Laughing I went back to get Lynda so she you say she made it all the way.


Now it was time to walk the 6.8km and approximately 1000 foot drop back to the truck. Soon Lynda’s lack of water caught up with her as she started to experience leg cramps. We walked slowly and rested often. She said that downhill was harder at that point than uphill. I never take water with me, I know, I know but I just never do so to me it’s  no big deal but it was pretty hard on her.


I can almost always find an excuse to stop but since I walk faster than Lynda she often walks ahead and even with doing small projects like the feather I catch up pretty easily.

I stopped a few more times to take some flower photos. Lynda kept a pretty steady pace going albeit a slow one, but steady none the less. I really liked the light I was getting from the cloud cover.

With the bridge in site it was only a kilometer or so back to the parking area.

Lynda was hurting at the end but she did the whole distance and I was so proud of her. I think we’ll have to do some more walking so that will be easier next time.  After she go through getting some water into her it was time to head out.

The road in/out is one way each hour as it’s so narrow and twisty. I loved the drive. It was the best part of the driving that day. We headed into Hinton to check into our hotel and get some supper and planned to be back in the park fairly early Saturday morning.



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