Jasper 2014, day three

Woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and headed off to go to the Jasper Skytram. We soon ran smack dab into the height of tourist/construction season.



All we could see was traffic for miles. We had noticed the construction the day before but there had been virtually no waiting. We sat here for about 15 minutes and then moved up about 30 car lengths for our next “rest.”


The line kept growing behind us too. After about an hour the douchbag in the red car pulled out and passed a bunch of us. I was so hoping there would be a cop around to see that, but no. And I was equally disappointed when I didn’t see that piece of crap all smashed up along the highway when we finally cleared the construction. Our plan of heading up the mountain late in the morning was pushed back by the hour and a half we sat in traffic.

As we approached the parking area at the Skytram it was pretty busy and there were a lot of people walking around. We parked and headed towards the line-up. The line moved pretty quickly and we got to the front in no time at all. Once there however, we were told we would board in an hour and a half. So it took me 4 hours to get from my hotel to the top of the mountain. Looks like we aren’t doing much today. We hung around in the sun at the departure area waiting for our “flight.”

When it was finally our turn we crowded into the tram and set off up the mountain and were at the top of the ride in no time at all.


Once we got there and went outside into the sunshine we could feel a cold wind blowing but it was warmer than it had been so far on our trip. We walked around the short board walk and looked up the trail towards the top of the mountain when Lynda said, “Just so you know, I’m not going up there.” She was still feeling the effects of our previous day’s hike and my hips were sore from the trek so it didn’t break my heart not to climb higher. Years and years ago my dad took us kids up there so I have seen it, but Adam still hasn’t been. I guess that’s an excuse to go back.

So, we took that opportunity to have some lunch. While lunch was good, it did feel a bit like going to dine in a fancy restaurant; had to wait to get in and paid more than it was really worth. But it was nice to eat out as a family.

After we ate we went back out to wander around the boardwalk a bit before heading down.

We took a few photos and headed back down.



I liked the way the trees “rushed up” at is as we descended the mountain.


This is almost at the bottom and the end of the line.

We headed on east towards the Miette Hot Springs. The road there is all twisty and narrow – I loved the drive.  In all our travels to Jasper we have never visited the hot springs. We found out that it is the hottest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies. I didn’t find it too hot to be though so it was all good. I didn’t try the cold pool – I liked being comfortable. We lounged around there for a little over an hour before heading back to Hinton for the night. With that our Jasper vacation was over. Even with all the tourists around it was a very enjoyable and relaxing time.



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