Happy birthday to me

Cold and wet was the day that greeted me for my 49th birthday. The rain had stopped over night but everything was very wet at our campsite. Dave and I had planned to make breakfast every morning and eat where ever we happened to be for lunch and or supper. That plan went out the window in a hurry. So back to Three Bear it was. Our waitress from the previous night had told us she would be in for the breakfast rush. We were disappointed not to see her as she was a very good waitress and pretty funny as well. When we asked about her we were told that all the temporary foreign workers had to go home that day as their visas would soon expire. When I had asked her about her accent she told us she was from Estonia. I thought that was pretty cool as my wife was working with a girl from Estonia back home. The restaurant had lost 5 workers in one day. The service was still good, just not the same.

We decided to go check out Grand Teton National Park. It was an overcast day with not very much to see along the way but we did find something cool to check out.

Grand Teton Vodka Distillery in Driggs, Idaho looked interesting so we stopped to get a tour (and a couple of samples). Although we were outside the normal tour hours we got to check it out. Pretty neat process they have there. Since it was raining there really wasn’t much too see when we rolled into Jackson, Wyoming and I got wet enough filling up the truck to not want to wander around.

We drove north towards the Tetons and the weather did improve as the rain stopped but the clouds hung very, very low.

So I’m not totally convinced the Grand Tetons exist, but I did enjoy the fall colours.

He headed back to Yellowstone and drove quite a long ways before we saw anything that seemed worth getting out to take pictures of. Unfortunately the photo I saw and the one I got by the time I could stop and get the shot had changed a lot.


As we drove along the river I could see this herd of buffalo crossing the river but by the time I was close enough to get a photo of it most of them had gotten out of the water. I still took a few photos but it just wasn’t as cool as seeing them all lined up in the water.

Our next and what turned out to be final photo stop for the day was the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone. The rain was an intermittent problem, but it did make for some nice even light which made getting photos of the canyon a lot easier than when the sun is out.

DSC03143 DSC03144 DSC03158DSC03153

The colours in the rock were stunning. There was also a spot on the left side of the falls that looked to be emerald green and try as I might I just couldn’t seem to capture it the way I saw it. We got tired of getting wet so we headed into West Yellowstone for supper. And once again, it was pouring rain when we got back to the tent. I was starting to make a friend of the gas heater in the men’s washroom by this point. It was so nice to stand in the heat for a few minutes, then bundle up to tuck into all my layers of sleeping bags and blankets. I’d still wake up cold, but it was good to start out warm.


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