Oct. 2, 2014

Woke up to another frosty morning. The sun was trying to shine but it was fighting a losing battle with the clouds. I walked down to the river to see if that would help me warm up.



Saw this little beauty on my way and just had to get a photo. Can’t see the young guy in the funky hat driving it though.



It was a nice calm morning. Cold, but calm.

Since it felt colder than it had the previous two mornings I wandered over to the office to see if there was a thermometer.


-5C!?! No wonder I was so damn cold. Dave thought we should buy some ice to bring home to Lynda but we couldn’t decide what size to buy. The truck had another heavier ice on it too.

We decided we’d go out the NE side of the park and check out Cody, Wyoming and come back in the East entrance.

The sun came out for a bit and we happened across the little fellow just taking it easy.


I like the enviromental portrait better than the close up, but I thought I’d share both.

The sun didn’t stay out for long so we hit the road again and didn’t find anything that inspired us till we got to Cooke City and I found this little fixer upper investment property.

I was thinking it was a good idea until something scrambled out from under the pile of rubble when I went to look in the window. I decided I’d pass on it.

The road we were on is the Beartooth Highway and it is twisty and has some elevation gain. It gets really twisty and do you ever climb going over the Beartooth Pass.


I couldn’t tell how windy it was until we stopped and I could barely get my truck door open. Trying to stand steady to take photos proved nearly impossible.

We got to Cody and looked for a lunch spot. We decided to try Zapata’s. Mexican food. Really, really good. I could go there more than once a week for sure.

Not far out of Cody is the Buffalo Bill Dam. We missed being able to do a dam tour by 2 days. So, we took a few snaps of the outside.


It was pretty windy here too but nothing like up at the pass and at least the sun was shining.

This was the most exciting thing we saw on the way back.



I thought it was exciting. I liked the contrast.

There is an abundance of burnt timber in Yellowstone and the stark contrast always catches my eye.

As we approached the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone we came across a herd of buffalo just sauntering down the road.

Didn’t even have to take off my seat belt to get these. I really liked the shadows in the first one and the dead trees in the background.

We decided to stop at the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone again. The sun was shining intermittently this time so the light and colour were totally different from our first visit.

While I prefer the colours I got on the rainy day, I really liked the contrast of the dark clouds in the frame this visit. The sun was nice and warm and the wind was so cold that I found myself slowly turning around to keep warm.

Our last stop of the day was the Artists Paintpots. The walk in was in the shelter of the trees but it was fairly open and windy when we got there. I felt another cold night coming on.


I would not be wrong.


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