Leaving Yellowstone

Feels colder than yesterday.



And that would be because it is. Time to start packing up the campsite and head home via the scenic route. Dave and I finally had a use for the small propane heater we brought along – melting the ice off the tent so we could pack it up.

We saw so much in our time there it’s hard to believe that there was also so much we didn’t see. I guess it’ll be something to look forward to when I get back there.



Till we meet again. Every time we came back through the west gate the same lady was working and she was a pretty funny old gal. She said she worked the night shift because no one else could stay awake long enough. But she wouldn’t tell us how long the gate was manned.

We stopped at our usual eatery on the way west.




I’m pretty sure this was the first I’ve ever gained weight while camping. It was so worth it though.

We stopped at Earthquake Lake for a few minutes and that was a neat place.




On the plus side, we finally got to see the sun.

We were a ways out of the park when we saw the most antelope we’d seen on the entire trip. In Yellowstone we’d see a single antelope here and there. I was convinced it was the same one and he just moved around a lot.



There were a bunch of Antelope, really. It turns out this was my best shot of the bunch.




Now that is a long driveway to have to shovel out. It was still a bit chilly here but by the time we stopped again it had warmed up a whole lot.

I tried to keep on the secondary highways as much a possible and it made for a pleasant and quiet drive. It’s nice when you can do 70 mph on “back” roads. We saw a lot of neat stuff but not much tempted me to stop. I often get in that mode while I’m driving. What did catch my eye was some railroad track along a river. I had been looking for “Parallel lines that never meet” for my photo club assignment.





I really liked the look of it at the time but I just couldn’t make it look the way I thought is should.



But once I tried one in black and white I really liked it. I didn’t end up using it for the competition though. Since I didn’t win, maybe I should have.



It was so nice to be out in the warm sun that we spent almost an hour here. Sadly, not a single train came along.

This was our last photo stop for the day. We ended up in Missoula, Montana for the night. I am going to have to go back there one day too as it was a pretty nice city. We pulled in on a Friday night, which was “First Friday”. The streets were full of people and all the galleries and restaurants were open.

We asked the owner at the hotel where a good place to eat was and he suggested an Italian place. Since we chatted with him for a while before we left we didn’t exactly have the directions down pat and instead of turning left to to over the bridge we turned right. We couldn’t find any damn Italian place so we settled for Taco Del Mar. It was a lot like Mucho Burrito but with a much bigger menu. The things we noticed about Missoula was the diversity of people out on the street and the fact they were either talking amongst themselves or were listening to the street performers and not a one was on a cell phone. Pretty shocking for a town with such a huge college population.






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