Missoula to Columbia Falls

Woke up to a sunny day. Not sure what to make of that.



It felt down right balmy in Missoula. No breakfast included with our room so we headed out to go find a local place to eat. This time we decided to go left and cross over the river to see what was there. There were a few cool building between us and there.



The duct tape seat caught my eye on this bike.






A very calm morning.



I even took a self portrait.



I was a bit worried that it made me look fat though.

We found a little place called The Hob. Looked good so we decided to check it out. Was one one girl running here ass off taking orders and serving. Again we noticed a variety of people in the place and the only cell phone we saw was one 3 young guys were looking at a map on.



Apparently Dave doesn’t understand the concept of a wide angle lens.

Breakfast was excellent and when I went across the street to get a photo of the place I “found” the Italian place we had been looking for the night before. Found it right next door to where we were. We had a pretty good laugh about that.



We walked back on the other side of the bridge and notice a Farmer’s Market setting up so we stopped to check it out.


Found a few more buildings to shoot before we left town.


I really liked the look of the sunlight hitting this building.






I could have probably spend a couple of days exploring downtown Missoula but we had to move on.

Our next stop was the Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana.

We saw this from the highway and just had to stop.



If you ever thought of yourself as a packrat, this is the place for you to feel pretty good about yourself. There are more items stuffed in to 10 square feet than an entire Costco it seemed.



It is hard to warp your head around how much stuff is packed into this building.



I took these for all those with Harley’s who make fun of scooters. Looks like a scooter to me and it says Harley Davidson right on it.








Then we headed outside.




With those wings it could probably fly.




This station wagon I took for my friend Steve Parkin because he so likes them.




The colours in the metal on this were impressive.





I loved the “Prison Made” license plate.




The paint is either faded or this is from San Fransicso.





All the modern communication gear in this radio truck





Dave checks out a Vietnam vintage Huey while a Korean era Bell 47 sits in the background.




These little Sikorsky S-55’s are so ugly they are cute.





Then we found a modern Hair salon. I’ll bet Lynda would love to have all this stuff when she was hairdressing.


Found a cute little drug store as well.



The coolest thing I found was a merry go round. Since you can’t find these “dangerous” things anymore I had to ride it.



And this is the panorama I took while on it.


I know it’s not very exciting but it’s all I had to work with at the time.


And with that we left Polson and headed up to Columbia Falls for the night. Our hotel was on the east side of town and we decided to walk into town for super. A mile is a long way to walk when it’s along a highway.

Tomorrow we’ll head home through Glacier National Park.



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