Rainy day in Beijing

I’m awake and it’s still dark. Hmmm, wonder what time it is? 1:00 am. Great! Back to bed, and I actually fall back to sleep. Four am and I’m awake for the day now. Probably a bit early to actually get up so I read for a while before I decide to get my camera out.


Looking out the living room window at 6:00 am at a rainy day.

Other than having to go to the police station to check in, I have no idea what we are going to see today.

After breakfast it’s still raining as Lucille and I head out to catch the bus to the police station. Luckily Lucille has all the paperwork with her and Curtis’s information and address as there doesn’t seem to be much English understood there.


It was still raining when we left the police station and headed to the Lady Street Market. Luckily it is an indoor market. Most of the market is downstairs and we wandered around places Lucille had never seen.


More umbrellas than people. Maybe China isn’t so crowded after all.

Nothing jumped out at me to buy for Lynda so we headed to the German Bakery for lunch. Good tomato soup and a basket of fabulous bread for 35 RMB (about $7.00 Canadian).

Just down the street from the bakery is Solana Mall. It looks fairly new and has a lot of upscale shops and a bunch of restaurants in an indoor/outdoor mix.

After our little excursion it was time to go meet Curtis for supper. We went to a place called Element Fresh in the mall near their place. They go there quite often and it has a pretty big menu. I thought it was still pretty average but I was starting to get pretty tired by this time.

By the time we made it back to the apartment we had done 12699 steps according to Lucille’s fitness band.

I tried to make it to 10 o’clock before I went to bed so I could try to sleep till a regular wake up time but I didn’t make it.




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