Birthday duck

September 30th dawned a bit brighter than the day before and I dawned a bit older than the day before. I don’t feel any older, maybe that comes later.

The plan today is to go meet Curtis for lunch and get some dumplings then do a walk around Tsinghau University as that is where his office is located and go for some Beijing Duck for supper.

It’s my first look a the subway system in Beijing. Doesn’t seem as bad as I’ve been told. It is a bit of a ride to get there with the transfers, but not so bad all in all.

We trust Curtis to order the dumplings and he made good choices. They are tasty and I especially like the hot sauce on them.

Lunch is done and it’s time to go for our walk around the University.

Tsinghua University was established in 1911 and is now one of the top 2 universities in China along with Peking University. Apparently it has been called the MIT of China. I don’t know what the grounds of MIT look like, but I doubt they are as peaceful.

As we strolled along it became evident that the university grounds were huge. We went in search of a gate that is historical.



It didn’t look like much to me but it seems popular.



The more we walked around the more places we found that Lucille will have to go back to in the spring when the flowers are out.



The building was a bit ho-hum but I liked the fountain.

We found a few old building as we wandered.

Found this old guy just standing around. He didn’t have much to say though.


As we continued our walk we found a cool tower.


We started making our way back towards Curtis’s work and I found my book shelf. Well, the books anyway, I think the shelf was broken.



We had to pass the famous gate on the way out and it had even more people hanging around it.


It was time for Curtis to head back into work so Lucille and I went back to the apartment to wait till supper time.

It was raining when we left to go to Duck de Chine at 1949 The Hidden City. I had cooked duck once back in my hunting days and it was disgusting. Granted I really didn’t have the right pan to cook it in. I figured while in Beijing I should keep an open mind and try Peking Duck Beijing Duck. I had asked that we could find a place where the duck wasn’t too greasy and Curtis chose wisely.

Not only was the duck not greasy it was tasty and the kung pao chicken we ordered was fabulous. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant as well. A gong is rung and the duck is carved right at your table. It was too bad that it was dark and pouring rain when we got there as I would of liked to explore that area more. Happy birthday to me.

The rain was pretty much done as we headed home.  We stopped for a piece of chocolate cake near their apartment. It looked like chocolate cake, but the lack of sugar that seems prevalent in China made for a cake like I’ve never had. It was ok, not really good and not really bad, it was interesting.

We did 19443 steps today. The plan is to go to the Forbidden City tomorrow so I see more walking in my future.










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