Shopping and a show

Friday, October 2nd dawned as another nice sunny day.

We headed out looking for adventure.


I love the bicycle lock on the back tire.

I was told the plan was to go to the dirt market which is properly called Panjiayuan Market. Apparently it’s been called the dirt market as cheaper goods can usually be had there.

I was on the hunt for something nice for Lynda. I had a tea set in mind and thought I’d have luck finding one for her. I was wrong.

I did see beads; lots and lots of beads. Any colour or size of bead you could imagine or dream of and you’ll find it here. Bracelets were abundant as well. I really would of liked to buy one for Lynda but without her there to make sure I got the right size it was pointless.

There was also a noticeable lack of vendors in some isles.


It is quite a big market and there was a lot of stuff to see but just not what I was hoping to find.

Apparently it’s a popular market.


Disappointed with my shopping efforts we left in search of a lunch spot.

Along the way I spotted a few scooters.


We went to Home Plate BBQ for some American burgers. The burgers weren’t bad, not the best I’ve ever had by a long shot, but pretty good for Beijing.

One of the nice things about being in a restaurant in China is you are never pressured to finish up and leave. No matter if the place if busy or not, no one ever comes and brings you a bill or hovers nearby. When you are ready you have to wave them over to pay. Even paying the bill doesn’t mean you have to get out. This worked out nicely as we had some time to kill before we were going to go a late afternoon acrobat show at the Choayang Theatre.

We still had some time when we got to the theatre.


Not our tour so we wandered around a bit more to kill some time so I looked for some interesting building to shoot.

On the way back to the theatre I saw some guys installing lights along a fence. They looked to be welded steel cages or aluminum and they were putting them up by hand. I missed the best action as I couldn’t get a good angel  to shoot from, but it was impressive to watch them lift it into place.


It was a nice little theatre with balconies but unfortunately no photos were allowed during the performance. We had 4th row seats and I know I would of been able to get some nice shots. The acrobats are very good and it is an impressive show that they put on. It is over in what feels like no time at all.



Supper time found us at Ganges Indian Restaurant over near where Lucille and Curtis live. It was good food but I’ve never been in an Indian restaurant where rice didn’t come with the entree.

Feeling full it was safe to stop at April Gourmet for some groceries. Where they come up with the names of things is beyond me. I found it hot in the store so I wandered out on to the sidewalk and grabbed a shot of the building.


That was the end of our day. Only 10596 steps today.


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