Aliens and Blue Frogs

Woke up on October 9th feeling like I had a bad hangover. I’d only had 1 margarita so that wasn’t it. All that walking had started to catch up to me. The plus side was the sun was shining again but it looked windy out.

Lucille and I left to go find me some new shoes. We doubted that most Chinese markets would have my size so we headed downtown to the Russian Market at Alien Street.

As we left the apartment building there was a light, cold wind blowing; good thing we brought our jackets.

It was quite a ways to go to get to the market and when we got out of the subway the wind was blowing like a mini hurricane. We walked a couple of blocks and the wind almost disappeared.

We took a guess on which way to go on Lucille’s phone map and after a couple of minutes saw we were wrong. Quick turn around and we got to the market about 20 minutes later.


We headed downstairs to the clothing section. Lucille was looking for some boots for her granddaughter Austin. She found a pair of Uggs she liked. I didn’t see any shoes so we went to another stall and she found more boots. I found a pair of shoes that looked like they would work for me so I spent about $35 dollars on them.

As we walked around Lucille found some mittens for Austin that has strings holding them together. She hadn’t been able to find any like that in Canada so she scooped them up.


There weren’t many people shopping compared to most of the Chinese markets we’d been too.


As it was lunch time now we headed down the street to U-Town Mall in search of food. Lucille and Curtis used to eat at the Blue Frog quite a bit and since there was one at U-Town, we decided to try it.


Lucille knew some of the staff and lunch was served pretty fast. Food was not bad at all. As we left I saw something I had not experienced during my time in Beijing; I saw a bunch of Chinese lined up orderly and waiting their turn to get into a restaurant. All I’d seen and been part of was a lot of pushing and shoving to get places.

We had nothing else planned so we headed back to the apartment.

Lucille’s housekeeper was there when we got back and my back hurt quite a bit so I went and tried to have a nap. After an hour of not sleeping I got up to find my back was a whole lot better. That hard bed was good for something.


Bella looking all sweet and innocent

Decided to take a few photos off the deck while we waited for Curtis to get home from work.


Lots of action going on by the old Tonic


Deck is pretty full at the new Tonic


I found the Mona Lisa!

Once Curtis got home we walked over to the Park Side Bar & Grill.


My food was pretty good; teriyaki beef and rice. Curtis had club sandwich and a whole lot of fries. Lucille had nachos that seemed to have spaghetti sauce on them. Food was better than the average margaritas however.


Don’t know who was playing but I liked the well stocked bar

As we were leaving we saw another interesting sign for the washrooms.


We laughed pretty hard over that one.


The place is called Park Side and it’s located at Side Park. Tricky.

We walked around the park before we headed back for the night.

As was the current trend; I lost all the games we played before bedtime.

It was a pretty slack ass day with us only doing 13,009 steps. I took some ibuprofen and went to bed.




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