Parks and a turkey dinner

Woke up October 10th feeling a lot better than the day before. My muscles still hurt but at least my head was better. Popped a couple of ibuprofen before heading out for the days adventure. Curtis had to work on the Saturday to make up for the week off so it was just Lucille and I again today.

We walked over to Lidu Garden Park as our first stop.


German restaurant



Rosedale Hotel

The park was pretty quiet but we did see a few people.


Little girl was pretty excited

We walked back over to Side Park to check it out during the daylight.


Side Park is fairly flat as was Lido Park so the walking was easy. We stopped to watch musicians and dancers for a while.

We left the park walking towards a lunch spot.


We found the twin towers


After about an hour and a half we came to Great Leap #45. This made it all three locations that we had eaten at. Too bad I don’t like beer as they have a whole lot of varieties.


This location specialize in pizza. I should of tried it as my sandwich was fairly tasteless.

We had a ways to walk to go catch a bus to our next destination.


Sidewalk isn’t as wide as it should be

We were in an area with a lot of little shops but one in particular caught my eye.


All film, all the time


It was such a cute little store

He had way more lomography stuff in his little store than we have at work. It was really neat to see.

Ok, I found a few more interesting stores.


A huge book store and I probably can’t read anything in there


By now we were at the bus stop waiting for the right bus to come along.


Nope, not our bus


Here comes the right one

Our bus wasn’t even all that crowded.


Our stop meant that we had to walk through a hutong to get where we were going.


Delivery truck?


Soon Gong Wang Fu (Prince Gong or Prince Kung’s Mansion) came into view and we were at our destination.

The mansion was built in 1777 but it wasn’t until 1851 that it was named for Prince Gong; Xianfeng Emperor’s sixth brother.




Seems to be a popular place

There were still plenty of flowers here.


Even here it was possible to find interesting things.


Incognito fire hydrant

The mansion grounds are quite large with a lot of things to see.


So much detail




Another interesting gate

We had made our way back near the garden area by this time.


There were lots of small temples in the rocks.

Not all the mansion has been renovated yet.


There are some pavilions around the pond area.

We found a bit of a quiet area.


It was quiet until we looked down the hill.


Umm, which tour am I with again?

We came upon a few bamboo gardens



Lucille and bamboo


We had walked around enough to wear the grips off my new shoes.


They still look new


We’d seen enough and started our walk towards our supper spot.



Reliable looking transportation

We had quite a ways to go so I found a few things to photograph along the way.


Cute little cafe


Cleverly disguised electrical box


Just doesn’t look like they take it seriously.


He tilted his head down just as I went to get the photo of his helmet

Saw another little something on the street.


Saw yet another interesting name for a business.


Farther along we saw a small load of recycling being loaded on to a truck.


We arrived at Lily’s American Diner to wait for Curtis and his friend Kyle from work. I only met one of Curtis’s co-workers while I was there, but nobody new as I had met Kyle at Curtis and Lucille’s wedding when he was in the wedding party.

Lily’s was doing a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for about $22.00 and it was really good. The pie was fabulous.



Kyle, Curtis and Lucille

We sat for a couple of hours visiting before we headed back towards the apartment.

We took the bus again and we were over a kilometer away from our stop when traffic came to a standstill. Our bus would move about 10 feet and stop for a couple of minutes, then move about 20 feet and stop again. We got off with a few other people and started walking. Traffic was lined up for as far as we could see and there were lots and lots of buses in the line.


It was fascinating watching the drivers all try to go at once from every direction. No one would let someone go to make a space. I took a few video clips but I can’t link them to my blog.

We walked along until we arrived at the mall near their apartment. Curtis needed to hit the bank machine. It was pretty interesting to be in a place where cash was king. There were very few signs saying debit or even credit cards were accepted.

With the grips worn off my shoes, I felt like I was skating on the smooth tile floors.

As we left the mall there was a group of people dancing on the lawn and again I took some video but I never thought to take some stills. There was a little girl dancing on the sidelines, she looked so adorable.

We crossed the street through the traffic jam again and headed to the apartment.

I lost all the evening’s games as per usual.

We had done 25,505 steps today.


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